Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Tree Farms and Drones in Agriculture

Today we have a pair of stories from the Statesman Journal to share. 

Yesterday we posted about online retailer Amazon and its plans to use unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, to deliver packages. Drones are in the news again today, in association with Oregon agriculture.

According to the Statesman article, agricultural purposes for drones include flyovers to inventory diseased or damaged plants at large nurseries, or pesticide and fertilizer application. These and other topics will be discussed at the upcoming Precision Farming Forum in Yamhill County.

Speaking of agriculture, the holiday season brings the boom time for Oregon's Christmas tree farms. A second article from the Statesman Journal reports that Oregon is the nation's leading Christmas tree producer, with an estimated 6.4 million trees harvested in 2012. The overabundance of trees that began in 2005 seems to have passed, so tree growers expect to see a slight increase in wholesale prices this year.

California is the top domestic market for Northwest Christmas trees, while Mexico takes most of the exported trees from Oregon. More details can be found in the full article.

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