Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Oregon's Winter Tourism is Big Business

As spring arrives and temperatures rise, individuals are looking to get outdoors to take advantage of the scenic beauty and recreational opportunities in Oregon. However, there is still snow in the mountains and several Oregonians are heading up to the mountains to ski or snowboard. Though the winter tourism season in Oregon is often overshadowed by the diverse activities and opportunities of the summer, winter tourism in Oregon is big business and a major contributor to Oregon's economy. 

In 2012, Oregon's employment during the summer tourism season (June-August) was approximately 7 percent higher than the winter tourism season (December 2011-February 2012) in the leisure and hospitality industry, as well as the subset of leisure called accommodation and food services. Locally, employment between the two tourism seasons varies more than the state average.

For more information about Oregon's winter tourism, check out the full article written by our regional economist for Central and South Central Oregon, Damon Runberg.

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