Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Water Treatment Workers: Some are "green"

What makes "green" wastewater and water treatment system and plant operators different from "regular" ones? The Oregon Employment Department is trying to answer that question by researching the difference between green and non-green workers in similar occupations.

In general, wastewater treatment plant operators are responsible for observing plant conditions, making calculations to determine that the plant is working effectively, and predicting necessary maintenance and facility needs to ensure continued effective operation of the plant. Some examples of the “green” and “regular” tasks of these workers are shown in the table below:

Sometimes Certification is a Condition of Employment

To start out in the field, certification is not necessary for operator personnel as long as the plant operator holds the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Grade I, II, III, or IV certificates. Each grade certification requires passing an exam. While not required by law, many employers may require operator personnel to get certified as a condition of employment.

All grades of certification require at least a High School diploma or GED and enrollment in or completion of a DEQ approved training program. People with an Associate of Applied Science can get credit toward certification.

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