Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In the news: Intel, Portland, Salem, and Schools

I've noticed Intel's name in the news at least three times during the past week. Since they are a large employer in Oregon, their name always catches my eye. One article (from the Oregonian) announced that Intel is again growing its workforce, increasing local (Portland) employment by about 1,000 jobs. The article also talks about some of Intel's recent re-branding and marketing efforts.

Another article mentioned Intel in the title, but the first half of the story actually focuses on recent efforts from the Portland Business Alliance to promote job creation. Specifically, the PBA has launched a website and ad campaign focused on private-sector job creation. From there the story talks more about those 1,000 new jobs at Intel.

Looks like the local employment situation is improving in at least two areas of the state: Portland and Salem. An Oregonian article from yesterday talks about Portland's increase in total employment and the decline in its unemployment rate. Our very own Christian Kaylor was interviewed for the article. (He's a fellow Duck fan, so obviously he's one of my favorite co-workers). Today's Statesman Journal published a piece with similar good news for Salem.

Unfortunately the Statesman had some bad news for Salem, too. State government budget reductions will eliminate positions in the local school system, with nearly 200 jobs ending in June. The cut positions will include teachers, administrators, custodians, and more.

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