Monday, April 25, 2011

A mixed set of stories in today's news: Feedback, Agriculture, Population

Usually when I share stories from the news I can find some way to tie together the various pieces. But today's three stories were just too different!

First, some good advice for pretty much everyone (although the article is written to folks who are working): "Turn criticism into constructive feedback". Most people have encountered a boss or a co-worker who seems prone to nag, nit-pick, or just downright insult them. It's frustrating. But what if there's some valid criticism somewhere in those remarks? The full article gives some tips on how to handle these situations and even get something positive from them.

The Oregon Department of Agriculture recently reported that about 12 percent of employment (or one in every eight jobs) in Oregon is related to the agriculture industry. In 2009, Oregon's sales of ag-related goods and services amounted to $22 billion. Do the employment and sales figures seem high? Probably not, if you've had the chance to travel past the fields of grass seed in the Willamette Valley, the cherry orchards in the Columbia Gorge, or the vast cattle ranches on the Eastern side of the state. As most people know, Oregon provides a favorable climate for many types of agriculture. (More details are available in the full report from OSU.)

Our final article of the day is about population: "Hermiston eclipses Pendleton as eastern Oregon's biggest city" according to data from the 2010 Census. The article shares a lot of info about the small but growing town. It's a relatively young city with a gradually diversifying economy; there are both strengths and hurdles related to its rural location; etc. (Check out the full article to get the details.)

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