Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oregon's Commercial Fishing Revenue Increased in 2009

While most of Oregon was feeling the brunt of the recession, Oregon's commercial fishing industry had another good year in 2009. Total landed value increased by about $3 million, from about $102 million in 2008 to $105 million in 2009.

Although the number of fishing vessels has declined from historic highs, fishing is generating more revenue per boat and is probably becoming a higher-paying occupation. Estimated employment in commercial fishing seems to have increased in 2009, to 1767 from 1,603 in 2008. Measuring employment in fishing is more difficult than measuring the harvests. Legislation in 1999 allowed most fishermen to be exempt from unemployment insurance coverage - the primary source of employment data. The Oregon Employment Department now estimates the total number of fishermen based on survey data and the number of fishing licenses sold.

In addition to direct employment, commercial fishing provides the resource for processors. There were 26 seafood processors in Oregon in 2009, one fewer than the previous year. Their average annual employment was 1,007.

For more information about Oregon's commercial fishing industry, you can read the full article, written by Regional Economist Erik Knoder (, 541-265-8891), or visit the Pacific Fisheries Information Network (PacFIN) website (

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