Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A BOOST in Oregon employment

The Oregon Business Development Department administers the recently-launched BOOST program. The state Legislature created the program earlier this year to help companies hire workers through loans and grants.

One of today's stories from the Oregonian (and a similar report in the Portland Business Journal) details two grants awarded under the program. Miles Fiberglass & Composites of Happy Valley, which currently employs 75 people, received a $50,000 grant to create 20 jobs. The company recently broadened its manufacturing capabilities to serve the wind energy sector.

Forest Grove-based Lieb Foods, which employs 60, received $25,000 in funds to create 10 jobs. The company packages jams, sauces, bottled teas, and juices.

The Oregonian also previously reported that a Medford wine-making company created 2 jobs as a part of its $85,000 loan.

To learn more about the BOOST fund, visit the program's information page on the Business Oregon website (

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