Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday = News

I mentioned last week that Gail and I helped interview candidates for a temporary Research Analyst position in our office. Then I saw a brief article with advice on how to write a good cover letter, which seems like a relevant continuation of that blog post. (Okay, or maybe I'm stretching it a little.) In any event, the article is from the Statesman Journal.

I also wanted to share an article from the Washington Post which talks about how the recession has affected the mobility of the American workforce. It caught my eye because of my own interest in and analysis of worker mobility. The full article is available on the WP website.

As the berry season kicks off around the state, canning season has started in my family. Right now we're working on jam, but over the next month we'll can pickles, beans, tomato soup, and more -- including pears. That's why our final article for the day is about pears in Jackson County. Back in April we shared a link to a similar article from the Wall Street Journal. This article comes from a more local source (the Eugene Register-Guard).

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