Friday, July 9, 2010

IRS recruiters get creative...and more (inter)national news from this week

Hooray, it's Friday!

It's a very hot, sunny afternoon here at the Capitol. We're excitied to start the weekend. We're even more excited to share a couple of stories with you!

When we saw the title of today's first story, we just had to laugh. Although you'd likely describe YouTube as something trendy and modern, you probably wouldn't use those same words to talk about the IRS. So when the two team up, there's some chuckle-worthy irony...

What's the deal, you wonder? Turns out that the IRS has launched a YouTube channel to publicize the agency's job opportunities and help job seekers learn about working at the IRS. "The playlist features 'Day in the Life' videos in which IRS employees discuss their jobs, the diversity of the IRS workforce and the culture of the agency."

You can learn more about it from the IRS (,,id=225245,00.html) or just go check out the YouTube channel, Working at the IRS.

While we're on the topic of people looking for work: According to an AP article this week, the rising tide of unemployment brought on by the Great Recession may have finally reached a peak in the wealthy countries of the world. Unfortunately, the recession has left about 17 million more people out of work. The article details some of the job losses seen in nations around the world.

The article is based on a the "Employment Outlook 2010" report from the OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development agency).

Our third and final story of the day brings us back to the United States. From the newspaper USA Today comes the article, "Expect lots of government layoffs at state, local level". This article discusses the causes and outcomes of looming government budget cuts, most notably the likely reductions in government employment. We share this article because it has been a topic of much discussion lately, but we take no policy stance on the issue.

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