Monday, July 12, 2010

OSU can handle the sticky stuff while UO tackles the economy

Both the Ducks and the Beavs produced newsworthy things last week.

Personally, I'd rather focus on the news from the University of Oregon, but I understand that some people like that other school, so I suppose I will give equal press to both parties. I'll even compliment the buck-toothed types:

The clever engineers (see? that was a compliment!) at Oregon State University invented a new adhesive -- one derived from vegetable oil and which is "environmentally benign". The news comes from the Albany Democrat Herald, which says the adhesive, "may find applications for duct tape, packaging tape, stick-on notes, labels, even postage stamps — almost any type of product requiring a pressure-sensitive adhesive."

In the full article, you can read more about how and why OSU created this new adhesive.

Now on to our web-footed friends:

Last week, Tim Duy of the University of Oregon released the Oregon Economic Index for May. The index dropped from April to May. Contributing factors included, "significant deterioration in Oregon employment services payrolls, Oregon residential building permits, and the interest rate spread."

The report notes that, "It would be premature to conclude that a 'double-dip' recession is imminent on the basis of a single month decline in the UO Index. The decline, however, is consistent with concerns that the pace of recovery would falter in the second half of 2010 after the impetus of inventory correction and fiscal stimulus waned."

The May index (and earlier versions) are available online (

The results were also published in several news sources, including
The Oregonian, the Portland Business Journal, and OPB.

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