Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Northwest Oregon Wages and Income

Wages are increasing in northwest Oregon, but not by much. From 1997 through 2007 the average wage – including full and part-time jobs – increased 25 percent in Columbia County, 33 percent in Clatsop County and 43 percent in Tillamook County. That seems pretty good until we remember that inflation increased also. After adjusting for inflation the real average wage increased only 3.3 percent in Clatsop County, 10.9 percent in Tillamook, and fell 3.4 percent in Columbia County over the 10 years.

Average wages in the three counties are less than the statewide average and all three counties are losing ground, but the region fares bettwer when it comes to per capita personal income.

In 2007, per capita personal income was...
$31,828 in Columbia County
$31,108 in Clatsop County
$30,862 in Tillamook County.

Although the counties’ per capita incomes are less than the state’s ($35,143), the difference is less than the difference between average wages.

Jobs in northwest Oregon pay considerably less than average in Oregon, but its population is closer to average financially because many people are working or receive money from investments and social security programs.

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