Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oregon's Forest Sector Employment Totals 61,000 in 2015

In recent months we've updated the data for a project completed in partnership with the Oregon Department of Forestry and Oregon Forest Resources Institute to provide a comprehensive count of forest sector jobs in Oregon.

Forest sector-related employment in Oregon totaled 61,000 in 2015, an increase of almost 4 percent from 58,800 in 2013. Forest-related jobs paid relatively well, with an annual average wage of $50,000, roughly 4 percent more than $48,300 for all jobs covered by unemployment insurance in 2015.

Primary forest products -- which includes sawmills and wood preservation, paper manufacturing, and veneer and plywood manufacturing -- made up the largest segment of the forest sector total with 19,500 jobs. Forestry support accounted for another 11,400 jobs, found in logging, sawmill and woodworking machinery manufacturing, and other forestry support-related industries. 

The state's forest sector also included 11,000 jobs in secondary forest products (e.g., millwork and other various types of wood product manufacturing), almost 7,700 forestry management jobs, another 4,700 jobs associated with wood product transportation, and 2,900 jobs with forest product wholesalers.

While forest sector jobs accounted for roughly 3 percent of all employment in 2015, the prevalance of forest-related jobs was much higher in some rural areas. Forest sector employment accounted for roughly one-fifth of all jobs in Grant County, and accounted for more than 10 percent of employment in Douglas, Lake, Jefferson, and Crook counties.

More details about Oregon's forest sector employment will be featured in the upcoming Oregon Forest Facts & Figures publication from the Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

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