Monday, July 7, 2014

Oregon Tuition Growth Outpaces Wage Growth and Inflation

From 2007 to 2013, prices went up (inflation) by about 12.4 percent, according to the Consumer Price Index. In Oregon, hourly wages just beat inflation with an increase of about 12.8 percent over the same time period. Oregon's minimum wage grew at 16.7 percent, and average annual wage at 13.8 percent. Home values were hit the hardest during the recession, and were still more than 12 percent lower than in December 2007.

Tuition at Oregon's universities and community colleges was a different story. An entire list of tuition rates at OUS schools can be found here: OUS Tuition. Our measures below compare the 2007-2008 rate with the 2013-2014 rate. The University of Oregon was the priciest in 2013-2014, at $9,703. This was an increase of 57.3 percent over the 2007-2008 rate. Trends were similar across all OUS schools.

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