Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Corvallis Pays Highest Average Wage Among Oregon Metros

Yesterday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released occupation and wage data for Oregon's metropolitan areas. Among the key findings: most of the state's metropolitan areas have below-average wages.

In May 2013, average hourly wages totaled $22.33 nationwide. Among Oregon's metropolitan areas, Corvallis showed the highest wage ($24.02 per hour). Portland also came in above the national average at $23.77 per hour. All other metro areas trailed behind the U.S., with average hourly wages ranging from $19.85 in Medford to $20.44 in Salem.
The BLS also compared employment in Oregon's metros to the U.S. Corvallis and Eugene each showed relatively high concentrations of jobs in education, training, and library occupations, which makes sense given the importance of their large, public universities. 

Healthcare practitioners had higher shares of employment in Portland and Medford. Medford also shared higher employment density in community and social service occupations with Salem. Sales and related jobs were among those with the highest concentration in Bend.

More details on occupations and wages in Oregon's metropolitan areas can be found at

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