Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's New on QualityInfo!

Happy Wednesday! We recently added a bunch of new articles to our main website, We've got something for everyone -- from Oregon’s 1 Percenters, to grocery stores, to an employment forecast, to bakers and architects and more. Here are some snapshots of the goodies:

Grocery stores are ubiquitous and employ more than 29,000 Oregonians. Guy Tauer shares the most common occupations, average wages, workforce demographics and more in his article, "Checking out Oregon’s Grocery Store Industry"

If you are like me, you love bread, pastries, and chocolate angel food cake, and if you want it edible, someone else had better be doing the baking. So what does it take to be a baker? Annette Shelton-Tiderman has the answer in her article, "Staff of Life: Something From the Oven." Yummy!

We just completed our latest survey of employers to find out where they are struggling to fill jobs. Yes, Virginia, even with our unemployment rate hovering around 8%, employers are struggling to fill vacant positions. Jessica Nelson gives some of the reasons why in her article, "Two-Fifths of Oregon’s Job Vacancies are Difficult to Fill."

What was the average wage of Oregon’s highest paid private-sector employees? What five sectors had the largest percentage of high wage earners? Get the answers to these questions and more in Phoebe Colman’s article, "Health Services and Manufacturing Industries Have Largest Number of High Earners."

What industry is economically tied to construction? There are several correct answers, but only one has about 300 businesses and employed around 2,200 Oregonians in 2012. Give up? Well, the answer is right there in the title of Andrew Crollard’s article, "The Boom, Bust, and Stabilization of the Architectural Services Industry."

What was the average payroll for all private firms in Oregon in 2012? How many firms had an annual payroll in excess of $1 million? The answers might surprise you and are found in the somewhat prolific Phoebe Colman’s second article, "Six Percent of Oregon Businesses Pay 77 Percent of Private-Sector Wages."

The Oregon Office of Economic Analysis has released their latest Economic and Revenue Forecast. If you don't want to read the entire forecast, I suggest that you read Nick Beleiciks’ excellent summary, "Oregon Employment Forecast: September 2013 and Beyond..."

Nick Beleiciks, not to be outdone, compares private and public sector employment numbers in his second article, "Private Sector and Government Sector Job Trends in Oregon."

Finally, lest we forget, not all of Oregon is feeling the effects of the economic recovery yet. Jason Yohannan zeroes in on these areas in his article, "Identifying Oregon’s Areas of Long-term Labor Market Misery."

As always, we will summarize some of these fantastic articles during the rest of this month. So if you don't have time to enjoy the whole plate, don't worry! We'll give out samples soon.  :)

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