Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bowl Game Employment Stats

As the annual series of college bowl games passes by, in the coming days we'll turn our attention to the NFL's season finale, the Super Bowl.

The first Super Bowl game occurred in January 1967 as a result of a merger agreement between then-rival professional football leagues: the National Football League, and the American Football League. After the two leagues merged into one, the two former entities were re-designated as the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference under the NFL. Every year, the top team from each conference competes against the other to determine the NFL Super Bowl championship and conclude the professional football season. This year’s Super Bowl is scheduled to take place on February 3, 2013.

Here are some fun business and employment-related stats to keep in mind as you prep for the big game!

The increase in overall U.S. pizza deliveries on Super Bowl Sunday

The number of sporting goods stores in Oregon during 2011, many offering your favorite team jersey and other gear

Electronics and appliance stores statewide in 2011, with big-screen, flat-screen, and mobile device screens to watch the big game

Number of driver/sales workers in Oregon in 2010; this occupation includes pizza delivery drivers

The average number of tweets per second at the conclusion of the 2012 Super Bowl

11 million
The estimated number of pizza slices sold by Domino’s Pizza on Super Bowl Sunday in 2011

These "facts for features" come from our monthly Oregon Labor Trends publication. You can read the full edition and find archived issues on the Oregon Trends page of

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