Tuesday, December 11, 2012

In the news: solar arrays, seafood, and innovative packaging

Today's trio of stories come from Sustainable Business Oregon.

The first article discusses two recently installed solar arrays at Oregon State University. SolarWorld, a Hillsboro company, provided more than 3,000 solar panels for the project. The solar project will go live in January, generating 750 kilowatts of power at a lower cost than the university's current electricity rate.

Our second story focuses on Oregon seafood. According the the article, as little as 15 percent of seafood caught in Oregon is consumed here in the state. The company Fishpeople wants to change that. Fishpeople found that Oregon lacks a definitive Pacific Northwest seafood brand, which negatively impacts local consumption. With its pre-packaged, locally sourced seafood entrees, Fishpeople aims to become that definitive brand and increase consumption of the state's catch.

Another local start-up company is the subject of the third article we're sharing today. Portland-based Better Bean Company has steadily increased its presence in grocery stores locally and nationwide since starting up three years ago. The company overcame its packaging problem with an innovative solution. Heat-sealed rectangular tubs save the company on shipping costs, since more containers fit on each pallet.

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