Monday, November 5, 2012

Oregon's Emerging Export Markets

The Capital Press reports on a couple of promising exports to new markets: straw for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and dairy products for Asia.

Oregon currently exports an average of 600,000 tons of straw each year to Japan and Korea to feed beef and dairy cows. As water shortages have increased in the UAE, the country has turned to non-domestic feed sources for camels, and is considering the import of Oregon-grown straw. Oregon State University scientists are now working with the UAE to set up trials to test the suitability of grass straw for camel feed. According to John Sczcepanski, director of the U.S. Forage Export Council, there is great potential for this product: "There is growing global demand for forage, and transportation efficiencies are making it possible to move product inexpensively to new and remote destinations." Get more details in the full article.

Another piece by the Capital Press discusses the possibility of dairy exports to Asia. In addition to cheese and powdered milk, ultra-high pasteurized milk, which has a stable shelf life, is especially attractive to the region in light of its recent food safety issues. The Oregon Dairy Products Commission has invested $34,000 of its 2012-2013 budget to explore the potential for international export markets. Learn more about dairy exports in the full report.

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