Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Coverage Features Oregon-Built Displays

Those who tune in to election news on TV this evening may see the anchors and analysts map out or display results on giant touch screens. From a nationwide view, a tap on the display zooms in on one state or a highlights a specific county and its statistics.

This technology comes from a little-known Microsoft operation in Wilsonville named Perceptive Pixel. The business is an heir to Oregon's cluster of electronic display companies, which thrived in the late 1990s and then fell apart as the technology aged and the industry moved to Asia. These companies are what brought Perceptive Pixel to Oregon, and what made Wilsonville a small -- but growing -- engineering hub for Microsoft when it bought Perceptive Pixel last summer. Perceptive Pixel is reportedly hiring, with an aim to grow employment at its Wilsonville site by 30 percent.

Perceptive Pixel's 82-inch LCD touch screens are bigger than all but the largest TVs. The large-format tablets are designed to encourage people to work together, and to make boardroom presentations collaborative and dynamic. 

Find out more about this innovative technology in the full article from The Oregonian.

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