Monday, August 20, 2012

Oregon's New Energy Frontier: Geothermal and Wave Power

You've probably heard about Oregon's solar, biomass, and wind energy projects. We also have a couple of relative newcomers on the alternative energy scene: geothermal and wave energy. Sustainable Business Oregon covers the latest news on these emerging industries.

A recent survey by the Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) reveals 16 ongoing geothermal projects in Oregon, most of which are located in Southern Oregon. Three additional projects are in the exploratory phase. Ormat Technologies directs seven of these projects, alongside Oski Energy, Kodali Inc., Entiv, Cyrq Energy, Klamath Basin Geopower, and others. Combined, the projects have 330 megawatts of energy capacity, though it's unclear when this energy source would be brought to market. Nearly half of the projects are in the initial phases of development. Get more details in the full article.

Another article reports on the early development of a wave energy project off the coast of Reedsport. Ocean Power Technologies Inc. just announced that it now holds a 35-year license to construct a grid-connected wave energy facility with up to 10 power-generating buoys. The buoys are being built by Oregon Iron Works. Each one is estimated to provide power to 1,000 households. Ocean Power's CEO Charles Dunleavy emphasizes the importance of the news: "The 35-year term of the license demonstrates the commercial potential of wave power, and this will support initiatives to secure financing for the project."

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