Friday, July 13, 2012

Oregon Improves Ranking Among Best States for Business

Each year, CNBC rates the 50 states for the best places to do business. The rankings are based on 51 metrics in 10 broad categories: the cost of doing business; workforce; quality of life; infrastructure and transportation; economy; education; technology and innovation; business friendliness; access to capital; and cost of living.

Oregon moved up the list this year; the state earned the 18th best rating for business. Oregon earned its highest ratings in access to capital, technology and innovation, and infrastructure. Capital was largely evaluated by venture capital, while technology and innovation scores were based on patents, broadband services, and research grants.

CNBC gave Oregon the lowest ratings in education, cost of living, and the economy. Education was evaluated on metrics such as K-12 class size, student test scores, and the number of higher education institutions in the state. Economy scores were based on measures such as the unemployment rate and job growth.

Texas and Utah were the top-rated states for business in 2012. These states were both rated highly in the areas of workforce, economy, and cost of living. States at the bottom of the CNBC rankings include Rhode Island, Hawaii, and West Virginia.

The Register-Guard has an article with additional details, and the full rankings are available from CNBC.

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