Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Federal Workers and Consumer Confidence in National News

Today's articles cover national workforce and economic trends.

The first report by the Washington Post analyzes the demographic makeup of the federal government workforce. Here's what they found:
  • About two out of five federal workers are female
  • Hispanics make up 8.1 percent of the federal workforce 
  • African Americans comprise 17.8 percent of federal workers
In other news, a piece by Reuters reports on several measures of consumer confidence that have declined or shown little change in the past couple of months. Growth in consumer spending has stalled  as the savings rate rose from 3.7 to 3.9 percent in May. The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan's consumer sentiment index fell 6 percentage points in May. However, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel: manufacturing activity in the Midwest rose in June, and manufacturing employment at the national level continued to climb upwards in May.

Read more about the federal workforce in the Washington Post article, and get more details on consumer confidence from Reuters.

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