Friday, June 22, 2012

Oregon's Economy in National News

Two articles published by The Oregonian cover recent national studies on Oregon's manufacturing industry and the state's overall economic health.

The first piece looks at the 2012 Manufacturing and Logistics National Report, published through Ball State University's Center for Business and Economic Research. The study measures manufacturing and logistics activity across the U.S. and grades each state's industry health on eight factors. Oregon scored highest in the manufacturing and productivity and innovation categories, and lowest in worker benefit costs, global reach, and sector diversification. You'll find more information in the full report.

The second article discusses a study that analyzes the economic stability of each state, based on what is called an Economic Security Index (ESI). The study reveals that Oregon's economic insecurity rose by 46 percent between 1986 and 2010, which translates to growing income losses, an increasingly inadequate financial safety net, and higher medical expenses among households. The ESI ranked Oregon as 17th highest, meaning that 16 other states had higher levels of economic insecurity. Get more details on Oregon's ranking and read more about economic insecurity in the full report.

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