Monday, November 7, 2011

Workforce Reductions in Portland Area

Two Portland area companies have recently announced cutbacks to their labor force and have cited uncertainties in the future as a reason.

First, The Portland Business Journal reports that Erickson Air-Crane announced that they would be cutting 119 jobs as a part of restructuring plan with many of those cuts in Central Point. The company makes a specialized heavily-lift helicopters. The CEO cited "uncertain global economic outlook" as the reason for the cuts. Get more details in the full article.

Second, The Oregonian reported on layoffs by Tektronix. The reductions were said to be due to "'more challenging' times ahead," according to the Oregonian. The chief executive noted that, “...Given the uncertainties around 2012, better to be prepared and ready for what may come than to postpone what we think is a very prudent action here.” The full story has more information.


Anonymous said...

Actually the Portland office only lost 2 people. 1 they had already told a couple of months ago to find another job and he was already the Portland Office only lost 1 position while the Central Point plant lost the rest.

Gail Krumenauer said...

Thanks for the correction; we fixed the post.