Monday, October 31, 2011

Daimler and Grimm Bring Jobs to Portland

Two Oregonian articles last week talk about how two different industries are helping Portland's jobs numbers.

When one hears the words "grim" and "employment" in the same sentence, it usually means bad news. Its homonym "Grimm", on the other hand, has been welcomed by the Portland area. This is a new major broadcast network production that is slated for airing this Friday and was filmed in the Portland area. The Oregonian stated that "The show has produced a couple hundred local jobs and has helped put Oregon on track for a record year of spending by Hollywood." Get more details in the full story.

The return of large orders for semi-trucks has also helped the Portland truck manufacturer Daimler. Truck sales have surged recently, specifically the Western Star 4700 model that is made in Portland. According to the Oregonian, the company announced last week they would "...hire 350 workers in their Swan Island factory and 75 more in the company headquarters nearby." You can get more details by reading the full story.

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