Monday, October 3, 2011

Another Data Center Opens in Oregon

"Cloud computing" refers to the way in which large amounts of information are hosted and stored online, with data centers acting as servers. According to an article in The Oregonian, a new data center at the Port of Morrow was recently activated by Amazon. The center operates through another company, Vadata.

This is not the first data center that has opened up in Oregon. Facebook has a data center in Prineville that is currently expanding, and Google has one in The Dalles.

The article notes that these centers do not require many employees to maintain them, as a majority of work is done by computers. Morrow County records show that the new center may employ between five and 10 workers, which is less than other sites. Although the number of jobs may seem small, the article suggests these centers may have a large impact: "Even small numbers of jobs can provide a notable economic boost in rural communities...and data centers can employ larger numbers of people during construction."

You can keep another data server busy by reading the full article.

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