Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New green jobs and green sectors info!

As one part of the Employment Department's ongoing green jobs research, the Workforce and Economic Research Division has recently published new information about occupations with green jobs and Oregon's green sectors.

If you want to know about the employment outlook, wages, and necessary training for occupations in Oregon with green jobs, check out our new green occupational brochures! They cover 10 different occupations, ranging from carpenters to plumbers to civil engineers and urban planners.

If your interest is in sectors such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and weatherization, or green building and construction, then you may enjoy our recently released green sectors report. We compare employment, wages, and longitudinal worker trends for seven different green sectors** in Oregon.

Questions about green jobs in Oregon? Visit the QualityInfo green information page!

**As defined by the Oregon Green Jobs Council

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