Friday, July 15, 2011

Oregon has second "greenest" economy in U.S.

This week, the Brookings Institution released a study entitled "Sizing the Clean Economy: A National and Regional Green Jobs Assessment". The study found that Oregon's economy is second greenest in the nation in two separate rankings: the share of total employment in "clean jobs," and the share of clean-economy jobs in the private sector.

An article from The Oregonian summarizes a few highlights from the study.
  • In Alaska, "clean jobs" account for 4.7 percent of employment, as opposed to 3.4 percent in second-ranked Oregon.
  • In the private sector, Vermont, with its organic food and farming, has the nation’s highest clean-economy job share, with Oregon coming in second.
  • Portland ranks 15th nationally among metros with 2.7 percent share of clean-economy jobs in its total employment.
Get the definition of "clean" or "green" that Brookings used in their report summary, and even more details in the full report, or by exploring the interactive map of data from the Brookings-Batelle clean economy database.

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