Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Destination Oregon: Leisure and Hospitality Industry Trends

Slowly but surely, summer is headed to Oregon. The sun is peaking out once in awhile and temperatures are on the rise. With the change in seasons, many people are thinking about summer vacation -- planning a family trip or maybe just a weekend getaway.

Opportunities to escape your normal routine and be entertained, pampered, and waited on abound. Oregon’s leisure and hospitality industry is here, at your service. In 2010, the industry employed an average of 170,000 people, accounting for 11 percent of covered employment.

Oregonians and our visitors must love to eat since food services makes up the largest segment of leisure and hospitality, with more than 120,000 jobs and 70 percent of the industry’s employment:

The industry is definitely younger than the statewide average. Nearly three out of every five workers (57%) in the industry are younger than age 35. Only 12 percent of Oregon’s leisure workers are age 55 or over.

But that's not all! If you want to discover more about this industry, check out the full article from Workforce Analyst Shawna Sykes (503-397-4995 ext. 232, or She covers topics such as...

- Self-employment in the industry
- The effects of the recession on employment
- Future employment projections
- Urban vs. rural differences
- The industry's sub-sectors (in detail)

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