Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Be Mine?

Happy (belated) birthday Oregon, and happy (belated) Valentine's day to our readers. We should have shared this post on Monday, but I was distractedly thinking about the red velvet cheesecake at home in my fridge, and Gail was cooking up her famous fruit-and-chocolate something-er-rather...

But because we love numbers and holidays (and candy), we still wanted to share some Valentine's Day stats with you:

The number of Oregonians ages 15 and over in 2009 who had never married.

Sweets for my Sweet

Oregon confectionery manufacturers in 2009 making sweet treats to share with that special someone, or to treat yourself!

The number of florist establishments creating sweet-smelling flower arrangements statewide in 2009.

The number of stores in Oregon with jewelry for your Valentine.

Wedded Bliss

28.6 and 26.2
The median age of Oregon men and women at first marriage in 2009.

Current median duration (in years) of marriage in Oregon.

The percentage of marriages nationwide that are believed to have originated as relationships through the eHarmony on-line dating service.

Even more national-level stats are available from the Census Bureau!

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