Tuesday, November 16, 2010

State Support per Higher Education Student in 2009

To build on Brooke's post yesterday with news from Oregon's universities...

The State Higher Education Executive Officers organization publishes an annual report of state higher education finance (SHEF) for community colleges and public four-year colleges and universities. One data set within the SHEF report compares the funds each state invests in higher education per full-time equivalent (FTE) student in the state.

In the 2009 SHEF report, $6,688 is the amount appropriated per higher education FTE nationwide. State educational appropriations per FTE range from a high of $15,391 in Wyoming to a low of $2,654 in Vermont. Oregon ranked 44th among all states, with $4,639 appropriated per FTE in the state. Oregon was one of 15 states that received federal stimulus funding for higher education in 2009. By adding those funds, Oregon's appropriation per higher education FTE rises to $5,020, which ranks 42nd nationally.

The SHEF report also shows 5-year trends in higher education appropriations. Nationwide, funding increased by 3.6 percent per FTE from 2004 to 2009. Wyoming had the largest increase over the period (+31.9%), while Rhode Island showed the largest decline (-29.1%). Oregon's funding per FTE dropped by 9.2 percent during these years, but the decline appears smaller (-1.7%) if stimulus funds are considered.

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