Monday, November 15, 2010

In the news: Oregon's public universities

I was writing an article last week about employment numbers in counties around the state, and noticed strong growth over the last year in the state-level public education sector, particularly in Benton and Lane counties. In other words, it looks like two of the largest state universities, and perhaps some of the community colleges, are growing. Neat.

Then this morning, when I was scanning the news for interesting, relevant info to share with you all, I came across an article about enrollment growth at Western Oregon University (see It mentions that enrollment has increased during the last several years. It also shares some details on enrollment at the state's other large universities. If you've ever wondered which university has the most students...well... it depends on how you count. Check out the article!

And since I'm talking about state universities, here's a couple of articles about the usual rivals:

- The Democrat-Herald newspaper reported on a new climate monitoring system developed by Oregon State University. (Side note: OSU does great agricultural research!) The system will be used "to help underwrite and verify claims of crop losses for farmers across the nation... The goal is to improve services and prevent abuse in the crop insurance program."

- The University of Oregon has a lab that helps high-tech companies with research, specifically with solar-cell projects. In fact, several companies in Oregon have worked with the UO and made use of the lab. The full article is by the Register-Guard.

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