Monday, November 8, 2010

Local (Oregon) news: Facebook and Intel... again; and more!

Do we spend too much time talking about the Facebook datacenter under construction in Prineville? Seems like it comes up pretty often. Maybe it even deserves a tag...

In any event, the datacenter was in the news again last week. The company is looking to hire skilled workers to take care of the facility once construction is complete. The work sounds very technical -- the employees will need to carefully maintain the temperature, humility, and power supply of the building. You can read more about this in the Central Oregonian article.
Since we can't seem to help ourselves, this news is paired with an article about that other company we're always talking about: Intel. Local construction expert John Killin (full disclosure: he also use to be my boss) estimates that the new factory could provide work for 6,000 to 8,000 construction workers. What does this mean for unemployed workers? Killin makes a prediction -- see the full article.

Oregon got a nice nod in the New York Times. The paper reported on a Portland-area nonprofit called Elders in Action which certifies local businesses as "elder friendly." They have high standards for their certification -- you can check out the details in the full article.

And finally: Oregon recently shipped some logs to China via the Port of Astoria. Apparently it has been more than a decade since a log ship sailed into the port to pickup goods. Unfortunately we're having trouble accessing this article online, so you'll have to grab a paper copy of the Daily Astorian to get more info.

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