Monday, September 27, 2010

More bucks for businesses & de-icer on a train

Last Friday we mentioned some funds coming from the Federal government. Today's first piece of local news follows that same vein: From the Portland Business Journal, "Oregon research centers land $1M"

The million-dollar award is from the feds and goes to three Oregon companies for the purpose of "technology commercialization and entrepreneurship." More specifically, the money is meant to help create business mentorships, internships.... and maybe some other -ships. :)

The full story:
Learn more about the program behind the $1 million:

Our second piece of news is from the Central Oregonian, about EnviroTech Services -- a company based in Colorado which makes and sells de-icer. In June the company finished building a manufacturing plant in Prineville. It has started using the local railroad to ship product, with plans to continue growing. More details are available in the original article:

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