Friday, August 13, 2010

A lucky number of national news articles on this unlucky day!

Here's a list of interesting, national employment/workforce/economy news stories from the past couple of weeks:

Seniors Outnumber Teenagers in Job Force
The first graph in this article is particularly informative.

Lost decade: The new threat to the U.S. economy

You might ask -- like I did -- what this article means when it talks about a lost decade. No, it's not a reference to the nearly a decade-long (7 year) run of the TV show Lost; it's talking about the future of the economy. In short, are we facing "a prolonged period of weak growth"?

Will you come up short in retirement?
Discusses the reults of a recent study (about retirement savings) in the U.S.

After training, still scrambling for employment
Given the potentially contentious debate surrounding this topic, we'd like to reaffirm that we are position neutral. We neither agree nor disagree with the statements made in this article.

More Americans Are Financially Insecure Now Than in the Past 25 Years
This link takes you to a very brief article about the results of a recent Economic Security Index study. The full report is interesting, but you should at least check out these bullet points.

U.S. recovery sputters
The economy is still growing, but not quite as quickly as it was earlier this year.

The red-hot debate over raising the retirement age
In college I spent some time studying public policy. This article is one of the topics I remember very clearly from my coursework. Also, as a member of Gen Y, I'm always curious (and maybe a little concerned) about what's going to happen with that thing they call social security...

Peppers... get it?
Because the debate is "red hot." :o)

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