Monday, August 9, 2010

In the News

UO Economic Index
For the second month in a row, the UO's economic indicators index decreased from May to June. The change was due to declines in Oregon employment services payrolls and the interest rate spread. According to the monthly report, "Two consecutive falls in the UO Index is not sufficient to declare that the Oregon economy will experience a double-dip recession."

• You can read the latest UO report online:
• Previous month's reports are also available:

Applicants Galore for New Store
Portland-based grocery chain New Seasons is opening a new location in East Portland, and looking to hire. For the 120 job openings, the store has already looked at some 2,000 applications. You can read more about this, or watch a video (!) on KGW's website.

Plywood Plant Prepares for Future
The lead sentence of the next news piece says it all: "Boise Cascade is installing a new dryer at its Medford plywood plant". The installation will provide jobs for construction workers. The new dryer will increase capacity and decrease drying time at the plant. More details available in the full article.

For today's last news story, we wanted to share something about our old friend, Google. The article's lead sentence again says it all: "Google plans to establish its first Portland office following its purchase late Wednesday of a small Tualatin software company, Instantiations." The purchased company started in the late 1980s, at Tektronix. This earns it a warm place in my heart; my grandfather was once a Tek employee who broke off to form his own electronics company.

P.S. The above picture has almost nothing to do with today's blog post. It was just humorous and... cute.

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