Tuesday, May 4, 2010

North-central Oregon wind farm moves forward

A recent report from The Oregonian details continuing development of a wind energy farm planned for north-central Oregon. The Pentagon stopped development from going forward at Shepherds Flat, due to concerns that the 338-turbine project in Gilliam and Morrow counties would scramble radar signals from an Air Force station built outside Fossil in 1958. Now the Pentagon has dropped its opposition to the wind farm. This decision brings construction jobs, royalties, and tax revenues to two counties in Oregon.

Caithness Energy, the Shepherds Flat developer, had long planned to begin construction at the end of April. With clearances for construction now in progress, the company expects to authorize its contractor to start building roads and turbine pads. The wind farm is projected to supply 700 construction jobs and $130 million in local taxes over the next two decades.

The full article provides more detail on Pentagon efforts to mitigate radar concerns, and news about another potential wind farm in Gilliam County.

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