Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How does Oregon stack up? A few, quick stats

As we reported last week, Oregon's unemployment rate (UR) was 11.0 percent in December*. This means our UR tied with Alabama as the 10th-highest in the nation. While that sounds high, it's important to note that Oregon's rate was as high as 2nd place last spring. Our ranking has gradually decreased over the year.

Some other rankings:
• Oregon's educational and health industry was the only major industry to show growth over the year, with employment 2.1 percent higher than last December. This growth rate puts our ed & health sector at 22nd in the nation.

• Our employment losses in mining and logging (-22.5 percent over the year) are among the worst in the nation. We rank 44th worst in job loss over the year... and only 44 states report mining and logging employment data.

These numbers (as well as more interesting data) are available in our latest monthly Fast Facts report.

* Unemployment rates are seasonally adjusted. The given rate is preliminary and will be updated in early March after additional data is available.

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