Monday, January 25, 2010

County (Un)Employment in December

December's employment and unemployment data were released this morning for Oregon's 36 counties. Central and Eastern Oregon had a lot going on. Here are a few stats:

Highest/Lowest Unemployment Rate (UR)*: No surprises here...
- Crook County is on top, with 16.8 percent of its labor force unemployed. Crook's rate was the highest for most of 2009.
- Meanwhile, Gilliam County is on the bottom at 6.5 percent. Gilliam boasted the lowest rate of any county nearly every month this year.

Changes over the Year
- Harney County (in southeastern Oregon) saw its rate increase more than four percentage points over the year, going from 11.2 percent in December 2008 to 15.5 percent in December 2009.
- Union County (in northeastern Oregon) actually saw its UR decrease over the year, from 11.8 percent last December to 10.0 percent this December.

Metropolitan Areas (in December)**
Portland 10.7%
Salem 10.7%
Corvallis 7.4%
Eugene 10.9%
Medford 11.9%
Bend 14.0%

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* Unemployment rates are seasonally adjusted.
** Metropolitan areas consist of at least one county.

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