Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Spotlight on Oregon’s Film Industry

What do the movies The Goonies and Free Willy have in common? Has it been so long you can barely remember? How about the more recent movies Coraline and Twilight? If you knew that all these movies were filmed - entirely or in part - in Oregon, congratulations! You're an Oregon movie buff.

Employment in Oregon's motion picture and video industries -which include film production, post-production services, distribution, and exhibition - has been steadily increasing since 2003 when they employed 3,069 workers. By the summer of 2008 the film industry employed 4,225.

Workers in these industries earned an average of $2,351 per month during the prior year, roughly one-third less than the $3,466 monthly average for workers in all industries. New hires in the motion picture and video industries earn about $1,980 per month, about $100 less than new hires in all industries.

For more information about Oregon's motion picture and video industries, read the full article written by staff member Nick Beleiciks.

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