Friday, October 6, 2017

Oregon Businesses Report Record 66,600 Job Vacancies in Summer

Businesses continued to report strong hiring demand across Oregon’s economy this summer, with a record-breaking 66,600 job vacancies. 

Health care and social assistance (12,400 vacancies) accounted for one out of every five job openings statewide. Construction businesses reported 8,700 vacancies, which reflects the continued, strong growth in the industry. Farms also reported large numbers of seasonal jobs, and hiring demand at private schools hit its highest level since the quarterly job vacancy survey began in 2013.

Summer also represented the largest average wage recorded, $18.15 per hour, for job vacancies in Oregon. Year to year, growth in hiring demand was strongest for vacancies paying $25 per hour or more (+34%). This trend was driven by an increase in the number of job openings for skilled construction trades and more vacancies in management occupations.

The Mid-Willamette Valley and Central Oregon reported relatively large numbers of job vacancies. Seasonal farm work boosted the summer job openings in the Mid-Valley. Meanwhile Central Oregon reported many vacancies for wildland firefighters.

More information about Oregon’s job vacancies can be found in the attached summary, and on the Publications Page of

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