Thursday, June 22, 2017

Retail Jobs Made up About 11% of Total Jobs in Oregon in 2016

Retail trade includes a variety of establishments and activities selling products,  as well as after sale services such as cleaning and repair. Retailers sell their products and services directly to consumers which may include individuals and businesses. There are two types of retail establishments: store and non-store retailers. Retail stores have fixed, brick-and-mortar facilities, while non-store retailers sell via websites, catalogs, kiosks, stalls, and door-to-door.

In 2016, the number of retail trade establishments in Oregon was 13,620 with 205,058 jobs, about 11 percent of total employment. The number of retail jobs can fluctuate due to seasonal factors, and urban areas have a higher concentration of retail businesses and jobs. Retail trade’s largest employers are:
  • Food and beverage stores: 42,767 jobs
  • General merchandise stores (including department stores): 42,728 jobs
  • Motor vehicle and parts dealers: 25,786 jobs

The most common retail jobs are retail salespersons, cashiers, and stock clerks, while in online establishments the key job is customer service representatives. Retail jobs typically require only a high school education and no experience. The pay usually starts at or close to minimum wage with the average wages at about $13 per hour, depending on location and type of retail. The lowest overall wages are reported in groceries, clothing stores, and gas stations and convenience stores. New car dealerships, RV dealers, and floor covering stores can offer $24 per hour on average – the highest wages in retail trade.

Learn more about Oregon's retail trade in the full article "Retail Trade, Where Change Is the Only Constant" written by workforce analyst Ainoura Oussenbec.

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