Tuesday, May 2, 2017

A Lack of Applicants in a Growing Economy

Oregon employers reported 50,800 vacancies in 2016. Businesses reported difficulty filling 32,700 vacancies in 2016, a majority (64%) of all job openings last year. For each of their difficult-to-fill vacancies, employers offered open-ended responses to identify the primary reason for the unfilled opening. These responses were then sorted into 12 categories. Just four reasons accounted for nearly three-fourths (73%) of all difficult-to-fill vacancies. They were a lack of applicants (38%), a lack of qualified candidates (16%), unfavorable working conditions (11%), and low wages (9%).

Job characteristics differed among the most common reasons for difficulty filling job vacancies. Those with a lack of applicants and lack of qualified candidates generally paid higher average wages. Job openings with a lack of applicants offered $18.21 per hour on average, while vacancies with a lack of qualified candidates averaged $22.49 per hour. Difficult-to-fill vacancies with a lack of qualified candidates were also more likely to require education beyond high school, and nearly all required previous work experience.
For more information about Oregon’s job vacancies, read the full article.

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