Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sweet Job-Related Facts for Valentine's Day

Happy birthday Oregon, and happy Valentine's day to our readers! Because we love numbers and holidays (and candy), today we will share some Valentine's Day stats with you.

Be Mine

30.2 and 27.9
The median age of Oregon men and women at first marriage in 2015.

The percentage of Oregonians 15 and older who were married in 2015. 

The number of Oregonians ages 15 and over in 2015 who had never married.

The number of dating service establishments nationwide as of 2012 according to the Economic Census of the U.S. Census Bureau. These establishments, which include internet dating services, employed 2,348 people.

Sweets for my Sweet


Oregon chocolate confectionery manufacturers in 2015 making chocolates to share with that special someone, or to treat yourself! These firms employed 331 employees and paid nearly $7.5 million in wages.

Oregon non-chocolate confectionery manufacturers in 2015 making candy bars, synthetic chocolate, toffees, marshmallows, candy-covered popcorn products, nuts, chewing gum, and candied fruits and fruit peel. These manufacturers employed 352 employees and paid $10 million in wages.

The number of florist establishments creating sweet-smelling flower arrangements statewide in 2015. They employed 636 workers and paid $9.8 million in wages.

The number of stores in Oregon with jewelry for your Valentine.

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