Thursday, August 20, 2015

Computer Occupations in Oregon - More than Just Programmers

The Oregon Employment Department projects job openings for 721 occupations across the state. Of these 721, 13 are computer occupations. Between 2012 and 2022, there are expected to be almost 15,000 openings in computer occupations. Take a look here:

Notice the third occupation on the list, Computer Occupations, All Other. This is a sort of catch-all for occupations that don't fit into the other occupations on the list. Because these numbers come from survey data, it's not possible to break occupations down as specifically as we might like.

Using another source, Help Wanted Online Ads, we can break the Computer Occupations, All Other category into more specific occupations. In total, there were 1579 online ads placed or available for Computer Occupations, All Other between the second half of July and first half of August 2015. Here's what those ads look like in more detail:

More online ads were place for Computer Occupations, All Other than for any of the occupations on the first chart. Coming in second was Software Developers, Applications followed by Computer User Support Specialists.

Search open job listings for jobs that fall into this occupational category here: Computer Occupations, All Other.

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