Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oregon's Unemployment Rate Drops for those in 'Prime Working Years'

Oregon's 2014 unemployment rate dropped to 7.1%, a decline of 0.8 percentage point from 2013. The rate didn't decline evenly across age groups, however.
  • The unemployment rate in the 16-24 age group increased 0.1 percentage point. 
  • The 25-54 group ('prime working years') saw the largest decline (-1.5) in its unemployment rate.
  • Those 55 and older saw the largest increase in their unemployment rate (+0.7).
To learn more about the high unemployment rate for those in the 16-24 group, read the Oregon Employment Department's Endangered: Youth in the Labor Force.


Anonymous said...

I think the reason unemployment is higher in the 16-24 group is because the jobs they typically get are being filled by underemployed people from the 25-54 group.

Anonymous said...
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