Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Holiday Hiring and Broad Job Growth Boost Job Vacancies in Oregon

Oregon businesses reported 45,700 vacancies in fall 2014, an increase of 13,400 compared with fall 2013. The growing number of vacancies reflects strong job growth across Oregon in recent months.

Three large but diverse industries reported the most job vacancies in the fall. Holiday hiring boosted retail trade vacancies, which totaled 7,200. Health care, a perennial job vacancy industry leader, reported 6,700 vacancies. Manufacturing experienced stronger job growth in 2014, and registered the third-highest vacancy total in the fall (5,200).

The variety among industries with the most vacancies translates into a diverse group of opportunities for those seeking a job in Oregon. In the fall, retail trade businesses most commonly reported vacancies for retail salespersons, cashiers, and delivery drivers. Registered nurses and nursing assistants topped the list of health care occupations with vacancies. Manufacturers sought assemblers and machine operators, drivers, and engineers, among others.

Although retail trade -- which generally offers a lower average wage for vacancies -- led the industry totals, fall 2014 brought the highest average wage ($16.47) seen in the quarterly Oregon Job Vacancy Survey. Average wages generally increase along with educational requirements. Vacancies that required postsecondary training (examples include a certification or associate's degree) had an average hourly wage $7.00 above vacancies that required a high school diploma. Similarly, vacancies with bachelor's or advanced degree requirements paid an average wage $12.00 higher than the postsecondary openings.

For more information about the Oregon Job Vacancy Survey, visit the Publications page at, or take a look at the fourth quarter snapshot summary.

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