Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Oregon's Minimum Wage is Now $9.25

Here are a few takeaways from Oregon's minimum wage increase:
  • Minimum wage in Oregon is now $9.25, up from $9.10
  • Oregon's minimum wage is tied to inflation. Even though a worker making minimum wage at 30 hours a week will earn an extra $234 over the year, this is not a 'real' increase. It is simply keeping up with inflation.
  • We don't see a noticeable change in the topline employment numbers when minimum wage increases. There are so many factors at play in the economy that it's tough to measure the overall effect of a minimum wage increase on employment.
  • 6% of OR jobs pay minimum wage, but this increase will affect at least 8% of wage earners. For example, someone making $9.20 will also see a raise. 

Here's a look at minimum wage in Oregon over the years, both adjusted for inflation (in 2015 prices) and not adjusted.

For more on the minimum wage increase, read our posts: New Year, New Minimum Wage and Minimum-Wage Jobs a Smaller Share of Total in Metro Areas.

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