Friday, August 22, 2014

Self-Driving Cars, Robots, and Jobs!

Tracking our Twitter feed today, I came across a handful of articles pertaining to driverless cars, automated work, and artificial intelligence. There are opinions on both ends of the spectrum when it comes to such issues. Here are a few sources for you to explore a bit.
'Robot Overlords' are the subject of Bloomberg's article on jobs and technological advancement. Are these robots going to steal jobs? According to the article, Professor David Autor of MIT says robots and computers won't take as many jobs as some people believe. He says "Challenges to substituting machines for workers in tasks requiring flexibility, judgement, and common sense remain immense."

On a similar note, a Brookings article emphasizes Americans' insecurity on the development of driverless cars. Many see potential benefits to letting go of the wheel. Among these benefits, almost 70 percent of Americans said driverless cars would reduce accidents, almost 50 percent said they would reduce traffic congestion, and about 70 percent believe they would improve fuel economy.

So, why were about two-thirds of Americans moderately or very concerned about using this technology? The biggest factor is concern about the legal and liability issues surround the vehicles. Sacrifice of control is also something many are reluctant about. Read more here.

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