Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oregon Businesses Report Highest Number of Job Vacancies in Six Years

This morning the Oregon Employment Department released the results from the spring 2014 job vacancy survey. Businesses reported 46,900 vacancies, the highest level since spring 2008.

Overall, the average wage offered for vacancies this spring was $14.69, lower than the $15.09 average wage reported in the spring of 2013. This reflects employers' growing need for seasonal and part-time workers in sales, food preparation, and building and grounds maintenance. These occupations, along with administrative support vacancies, each reported more than 4,000 openings in the spring.

Although lower-wage vacancies captured much of the total in the spring, there was an increase over the year in vacancies that required education beyond high school (+1,500) and a bachelor's or advanced degree (+2,100). Average wages increased along with educational requirements. Vacancies that required postsecondary training had an average wage $4 per hour above those that needed a high school diploma. The average wage for vacancies with bachelor or advanced degree requirements paid $13 per hour more than those with postsecondary training. 

For more information about Oregon's job vacancies in the spring, visit the Quarterly Job Vacancy Survey page at, or send your questions to me!

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